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Chicago’s Hair Boutique is located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, just minutes away from Lake Shore Drive. The salons focus is to provide you with a unique look that works best with your lifestyle and satisfies the trend or style you desire. Chicago’s Hair Boutique offers a variety of services including but not limited to custom wigs, strand by strand, hair weaving and scalp/hair therapy. Whether you suffer from hair loss, want a new look or looking for a protective style, Chicago’s Hair Boutique is here to guide and provide options for you. The boutique offers free, in-person consultations giving you a chance to meet your stylist and make sure you are comfortable and prepared for the services you will be receiving.

The Owner

Ersolene Burns is a licensed cosmetologist and extension specialist who has been providing high-end quality salon services for over 20 years. After the first 6 years of her profession, she decided to dedicate her time to specialize in the art of extensions and hair loss. She is passionate about hair care and is focused on delivering flawless results to her clientele. Its her foremost priority to protect the integrity of the hair and to ensure a natural, realistic and fabulous look.

Ersolene has worked as a professional hair consultant and is educated by leading hair manufacturers on proper styling techniques and application methods for hair extensions and weaves. She has attended numerous conferences and classes and is always researching new techniques and trends to benefit her clients and provide an array of services for everyones needs. She has worked as an hair consultant for more than 10 years for your favorite hair companies and have created custom lines within these companies that are still prevailing in society as of date. Her exceptional work has been featured in several fashion magazines as well as advertisements and campaigns.

She is passionate about helping women in many ways and through her work she is able to provide assistance to those who suffer from hair loss. She understands how stressful and frustrating this process can be for some women, teenagers and children and wants to help those by providing the proper tools, knowledge and direction in achieving ones particular hair goals.

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