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Wigs have been used throughout history for many aesthetic, cultural, and medical reasons. At Chicago’s Hair Boutique, we offer custom lace wigs made special for you. Each unit is handmade and built solely off the measurements of your head, allowing for a better fit than pre-made wigs. The wigs can be made in numerous hair types, textures, lengths, colors and thicknesses. The lace is breathable and soft with a silk “skin-like” top giving off a natural appearance. Custom Wigs and Hairpieces have become ideal for those who want an easy and protective style with limited or no sewing. The wigs are known to last multiple wears depending on care and treatment of the wig over time. The wigs can come with a custom color or can be added later by a professional colorist. These Custom Wigs and Hairpiecescan be made in full lace allowing for versatile parts from every direction. If one would like to acquire a custom lace wig, a consultation should be scheduled to go over the measurements and type of wig and style one would prefer. Questions and consultations should be directed to Ersolene at (773)-576-0273.


When it comes to wigs, lace refers to a delicate mesh material on the wig cap. Hairs are individually tied to this lace in a labor-intensive process that results in realistic-looking hair that can be brushed and parted just like real hair. The mesh is also extremely thin, leaving a barely visible trace on your scalp. You’ll hardly notice the sheer material on your hairline.

What’s more, thanks to the individually attached hairs, the hair on a lace wig falls naturally, allowing you unprecedented versatility to play with and style your hair.


Originally used by actors and actresses in the movie industry, lace wigs have since exploded in popularity among daily wearers thanks to their authentic appearance. These high-end, high-quality lace products are now available for purchase by everyone—and our salon is pleased to announce that we have one of the largest collections around.

We carry wigs in every color, texture, length, and style imaginable. All our hairpieces are competitively priced, making a natural head of hair accessible to everyone.

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