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Strand by Strand is a method involving individual strands of hair being attached by keratin bonds using heat or a cold fusion (Micro-links) method which involves attaching the hair with a bead or other locking solution without heat. This method is ideal for those who just want to add some length and volume but still keeping ones natural hair free and unbraided. These strands can be placed in specified areas allowing for more versatile parting. Strand by Strand can last up 3 months with proper care.

Hair Weaving

Hair weaving is a method that involves braiding some or all of the clients hair and sewing wefts of hair into those braids. If one would like to have all of their hair protected, Closures, Frontals, and 360 Frontals are available. Hair weaving is ideal for those who do not want to deal or worry about their natural hair. When performed properly, hair weaving can promote hair growth by giving the natural hair a break from heat and chemicals that cause breakage. Hair weaves usually last about 3 months but hair weaving with closures and frontals might last a shorter time.


At Chicago’s Hair Boutique, we offer lace front and full lace wigs which can be either custom made or chosen from our in stock options. Lace front is when the the top portion of the wig contains lace for ‘scalp-like’ parting and the bottom consist of wefts of hair sewed into the wig cap. Full lace wigs allows for more versatile parting and consist of a lace wig cap with ventilated hairs throughout the whole unit. These wigs can be customized to your creation in regards to color, length, hair type, hair texture and thickness. Wigs are a great way to give your natural hair a break, mask hair loss or used as a quick alternate hair style for day-to-day wear or an occasion. Wigs can last a significant time with proper care.

Color and Styling

Professional color, cutting and styling is offered at Chicago’s Hair Boutique. Our styling services include but are not limited to relaxers, keratin treatments, deep conditioning, shampoos and blow drys. Color and highlights can be performed by our professional colorist, who stays updated on the newest color trends and styles.

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